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Who We Are?

We are a small yet versatile team of Project Management and eLearning Experts who are dead-set on helping PMP Certification candidates prepare for their exam.

Decision Phase

The Team

PM Champion founders started this web site shortly after they went through their own PMP certification trainings and exams. The team realized that despite numerous resources available on the Internet, many candidates faced the same challenges as they did. Many needed to get a PMP Certification but were too overwhelmed with their day-to-day projects and family obligations to take the time for a career advancement move. Most could not afford or did not want to attend expensive PMP Bootcamps that concentrate on memorizing rather than internalizing the concepts.

Strategy Phase

The Strategy

The team soon decided to aim for a "Portable and Inexpensive Strategy". As a result PM Champion founders, using their experience and knowledge, were able to take the guesswork out of the PMP Exam Prep and provide turnkey solutions that are user-friendly, affordable and provide results for the "Average Joe".

Preparation Phase

The Results

Although PM Champion has only been around since 2006, we have already produced impressive results with a large number of successful candidates in different organizations around the globe. By helping professionals with our training packages and by designing intelligent online solutions, we believe we can establish ourselves as a leader in the PMP eLearning arena, and more importantly we believe we can make a difference for you !

What We Do?

We commit ourselves to guiding you through the three main phases of your PMP Exam Prep:

Decision Phase

1- Decision Phase

PMP certification can boost your career and increase your income, but the amount of material on the exam is vast and can seem overwhelming! Most people take time to make a final decision to pursue this credential. During this decision-making period you need to ask lots of questions and learn what PMP exam really represents.

Strategy Phase

2- Strategy Phase

This is not an exam you can "cram" for in a couple of weekends. We will help you plan to take the exam after defining a schedule and strategy. Our Study Plan has been perfected over time, and will increase your likelihood of success dramatically.

Preparation Phase

3- Preparation Phase

Our latest generation of self study PMP courses come to you as video trainings that you download to your laptop or portable player. In this way your PMP preparation becomes completely portable. This will help divide the material into manageable portions and will assist you in developing a successful schedule.

Why Chose Us?

There are 3 main reasons you should go with our products:

1- We guarantee that you will pass the PMP Exam

We have a proven track record of helping PMP candidates pass the PMP Exam on their first attempt. Our video courses take you step by step, chapter by chapter through the PMBOK® Guide, with tests at the end of each Chapter, and Exam Simulations to over-prepare you for the real exam.

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2- We focus on teaching long-term project management skills

Boot camps only promise to help you pass the exam. They do not (and can not) offer a 4-day education that will guide or assist you through your career. Successfully passing the PMP Exam and achieving lasting and positive effects on your project management skills involves a regular study plan that could span over several months.

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3- We save you money, and we save you time on your busy schedule.

Just compare our prices with similar high quality PMP Exam Prep courses. Simply search the internet and you will quickly see that in order to receive 35 contact hours elsewhere you would have to buy a product that offers less content, provides less access and costs hundreds of dollars more!

Our Main Focus


Our Guarantee


We guarantee that you will successfully pass the PMP exam if you follow our Study Plan. This would include

  • Viewing our 38 hours of PMP video training,
  • Taking our Chapter Tests while you go through the videos,
  • Taking at least 4 of our Exam Simulations,
  • Scoring at least 75% on at least the last 2 simulated exams,
  • Taking the PMP Exam within one week of completing the last simulated exam.

Doing the above we guarantee - and our experience has shown - that you will pass the exam successfully.
Nonetheless, if you do not pass the PMP exam on your first try, we will:


  • Extend your membership to our Members Area and Exam Simulator for another 3 months at no extra charge,
  • Guide you through the process of preparing and rescheduling your exam,
  • Provide a full refund for the PMP package that you purchased from us.

Client Testimonials

See what experts say about our PMP Training Packages...


Stephen Salaka, MBA, ABD, PMP (USA)

I want to thank you for putting together such an excellent stack of materials. The Diamond package really helped me prepare for the exam. Also the amount of practice test materials, review materials, and overall quality of materials online was an extreme benefit in helping me prepare for the PMP exam. I mainly used your material in preparation for the exam, along with the PMBOK guide and the Code of Ethics. In my opinion, these three things together are really sufficient to help pass the exam. At a minimum I would recommend the Gold package to everyone taking the exam as it really helps to bring the dry concepts of the PMBOK to life. For those who wish to have a comprehensive package, I would recommend getting the full Diamond course as its comprehensiveness is well worth the investment. Within 6 weeks of starting the course I was ready, and today (Dec 5, 2010) I passed the PMP exam with flying colors scoring a perfect "Proficient" in all areas of the exam. I have 15+ years of PM and general management experience in the IT industry, and found that this material really helped compliment my years of experience. Thanks again for such a great product.



John Lawrence, PMP (Japan)

I set out in early July 2010 to attain my PMP. After purchasing your course, I didn't really look at it until around July 30th at which point I started studying religiously. Thanks to your tutorials and your program I was able to clear the PMP today capping just a little over two month's study. For the record, I live in Japan. There are classes here, but they are obviously in Japanese. While I am proud of my Japanese language ability, the never-ending subtle nuances of the PMBOK really required me to learn in my native English. Your course was the only one I took and still passed the PMP in a little over 60 days. Thank you ever so much for creating such a wonderful program.