Top 5 Benefits of Getting A Project Management Certification

Professional certification has a significant importance in the project management (PM) industry, especially for projects where large amounts of cash (or risks) are involved. Certification refers to the recognition of the skills, knowledge, and/or competence of a practitioner working in the field.


Project management certifications come in a variety of flavours. Three of the most internationally recognized are:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP): is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Starting to be popular in North-America, it is gaining more and more recognition around the globe. Site:
  • PRINCE2: stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and is extensively used by the UK Government. It is also widely recognized and used in the private sector, both in the UK and internationally. The PRINCE2 method is in the public domain, and offers non-proprietorial best practice guidance on project management. Site:
  • IPMA : stands for the International Project Management Association, a leading not-for-profit project management association based in Europe, and is one of the thought leaders in project, program, and portfolio performance competence. The IPMA certification system offers benefits both for the organization and the individual project manager. Site:


Here are the Top 5 benefits of obtaining a Project Management Certification:

1- Competitive Advantage

Having the certification is a great asset to your resume. It sets you apart and differentiates you from others in your field and other job applicants when competing for a promotion or new position. This competitive advantage is especially beneficial in today’s extremely competitive and tough economic marketplace. According to the PMI, project management jobs have also proven to be more resistant to the up & downs of the global economy.

2- Expertise

Certifications provide a solid foundation. The information and knowledge gained from the  coursework and case studies provides you with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and technical strategies from which to help guide and support you in your projects and allow you manage all aspects and risks more effectively.

3- Increased Earning

The time and energy you invest in becoming certified will financially pay you back many times over with higher paychecks. According to PMI’s Project Management annual salary surveys, project managers with certification tend to earn thousands of dollars per year more than their project manager counterparts who have not obtained their certification.*

4- Correcting Bad Habits

Learning updated Knowledge Areas and techniques will help correct any bad habits you may have picked up over the years working in a non-structured environment and increase your competencies, especially for those working in organizations which have not focused their efforts on having a PMO in the past. You will become a more valuable employee and be seen as a leader within your organization. It will also allow you a great opportunity to establish the groundwork to implement a more sophisticated project management working environment within your organization.

5- Credibility

There are more and more government organizations around the world expecting their projects to be managed by professional project managers who have a certification from a recognized institution. Certification demonstrates your commitment to a high level of professionalism, your dedication to quality project management standards, and a commitment to continued learning. These outstanding merits aid in boosting your credibility and prestige within your organization, with existing clients, and become great assets when bidding on new prospective projects.

In conclusion, regardless of where you live and which certification you chose, obtaining your Project Management Certification is a worthwhile investment. There are many advantages that certification can provide you throughout your career. Acting on it earlier in your career can provide you with major benefits right from the start. The time is now to get started.

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