PMP Exam Day… Five Pointers Before You Write !

PMP exam time is always stressful and never much fun, even for the most keen.  But it is important to stay positive and put your best foot forward.  You have dedicated a lot of time and hard work into it and you don’t want to waste the opportunity and be ill-prepared.  You want to get as much out of it as possible and achieve the highest score possible.

No sense putting everything into it and then failing to do these last few key items and causing you setbacks or put yourself in jeopardy of passing. Below are a few pointers to remember as you prepare for the exam, so you come fully prepared and totally on top of your game and surroundings!

1. Advance Surveillance:

Get the address of the exam location and check it out prior to your exam date.  Make sure you know exactly where you need to go and how to get there.  Determine how long it will take to get to the exam location, factoring in traffic, parking and any other foreseen delays.

2. Know What Is Allowed:

You will not be able to bring in any materials with you.  You will be provided with scrap paper to use if necessary.  Be sure to ask for more if you need it. A calculator will be provided to you – either on the computer or a separate device. Don’t wear a watch or other accessories.  You will be instructed to remove them and also to empty your pockets.

3. Be Prepared For The Surroundings:

You will be monitored via video camera during the exam.  Try to ignore the cameras and stay focused on your exam.  In regards to the room temperature, it could vary depending on the time of year and conditions.  Dress in layers so you will have flexibility in removing clothing if necessary.

4. Arrive Early:

It is best to aim to be at the exam location approximately 15 to 30 minutes prior to the start of your exam time period.  This will give you a bit of a buffer if you encounter any delays travelling and will also allow you some time to relax before starting.  You don’t want to be rushed, as it will increase your stress which is counterproductive.

5. Take Care Of Yourself:

Treat your body well.  Eat wisely and be well rested.  Depending on the time of your test, eat a small meal prior.  Fuel the brain!  You don’t want to be hungry during the text, nor do you want to be too full and drowsy from a large meal.  Being well rested will help your brain function better.

You’ve have invested so much into it so far, it would be silly not to go the little bit extra to ensure your success!  Keep these pointers handy, and good luck on exam day!