PMP Exam Scheduling: Just Pick A Date & Move On

Picking a date and committing yourself for the PMP Exam isn’t an easy step to make.  However, it is just as important as studying and preparing for the exam.  Outlined below are some key pointers to help you make sure you’re following the correct path and procedures.

When To Schedule Your PMP Exam

You can not schedule your exam until you have submitted your PMP application and PMI has received and approved your credential fee.  Once you have submitted your application and are deemed eligible by PMI, you will be contacted via email with your examination scheduling instructions and your Eligibility ID.  You will need this code when scheduling your exam.

It is important to note that you have a one-year period in which you are eligible to take the exam.  The deadline starts ticking as soon as your payment has been received and approved.  Many applicants schedule their exams at least three months before their eligibility period expires, to avoid running out of time.  If you do not pass the exam on your first try, you are allowed to take the PMP exam up to three times over the course of the year. Refer to the PMP Handbook for more.

How To Schedule Your PMP Exam

PMI utilizes the services of Prometric for handling the administration of the scheduling process.  There are two ways to schedule your exam, online or by phone:


Scheduling Online


  • Visit the Prometric web site – and follow the instructions  to complete the following steps:
  • Select your location (Country, State)
  • Select “Schedule an Appointment”
  • Enter your Eligibility ID (which you received in your confirmation email from PMI)
  • Select a test site in your area
  • Choose your examination date and time

Scheduling by Phone

Call 1-800-268-2802 during business hours, and an Interactive Voice Response System will guide you through the steps to schedule your exam. It will also provide you with other additional steps to make changes to your exam schedule if required. If you register by phone, you will need to print a copy of your confirmation information.  This can be accessed using the Prometric website. Refer to PMP Handbook for more.

Canceling or Rescheduling Your PMP Exam

If necessary, you can reschedule or cancel your exam.  Approximately $70 fee will be charged if you reschedule or cancel your exam within 30 calendar days of the scheduled date.  If you cancel your exam within 2 days of your scheduled date, you will not receive a refund and will forfeit the full amount of the exam fee.  In order to reschedule a cancelled exam, you will be required to pay an additional re-exam fee and it must also be within your one-year eligibility period.