Taking Advantage of PMP Study Groups

Now that you have made the decision to take the PMP certification exam, the next step is to prepare. Some people really enjoy additional companionship, support, and competitiveness that PMP study groups can provide.  Others though, prefer the solitude and individual focus that an independent study provides. If you are one of those who enjoy groups and are looking to find help in your PMP Exam studies, keep reading to learn how beneficial PMP Study Groups can be.

1. Giving Broader Perspective

Like they say “two heads are better than one”.  This can definitely be the case many times over with PMP study groups. Since you are interacting with a group, there are always going to be a few different views and ideas presented on every topic you cover.  Not everyone is going to look at the material in the same way you do.  This will help you understand the material better and further develop your critical skills in explaining your point of view and debating with each other over the various concepts and best solutions.

2. Limiting Procrastination

It is hard to procrastinate when you have others depending on you.  With set meeting times and material to cover, PMP study groups help to keep you motivated and focused on the end goal of passing the PMP Exam. If you are studying on your own, it is easy to skip a night or close the books early.  With a study group, it is a little harder to cancel, as you will get questioned and you will have to explain yourself!

3. Covering PMBOK Material Faster

As stated earlier, “two heads are better than one”. Having multiple individuals working with you that all have differing expertise, it is easy to find someone who can help you out in any problem areas that you encounter. For instance, if one of your group members has experience with a specific topic in their organization (such as Earned Value Analysis) the rest of the group can take advantage. If you have any questions or are confused about any part of the PMBOK Guide, it is easy to ask your study partners for assistance.  This saves you a lot of extra time and aggravation trying to figure it out on your own.

4. Reducing Boredom

Having others around you with the same interests and desires in regards to their PMP Exam studies helps keep you focused and reduces the chance of you getting bored and unmotivated.  Studying on your own requires self-regulation and determination.  Having a few others to bounce ideas off to or to talk about the PMP Exam experience can really keep the juices flowing.

5. Give Positive Influence

If you have a good group of individuals in your group, they can provide you with many benefits in addition to assisting you with the knowledge and content retention that you gain while studying.  They can be a positive influence in further developing your study habits, organizational and time management skills.  You can observe how they do things and then incorporate their successful techniques with yours.

6. Get Group Discounts

Another additional benefit of forming a study group is that you can save money.  Many online training providers offer Group Discounts on their packages and programs. We offer 3 levels, ranging from 5% to 15%, depending on the size of your group. Study groups can be a valuable asset in your PMP Exam preparation.  They offer many benefits, but the key though is to find the right mix of individuals to form your study group.  Choose wisely.  The last thing you need when studying is to have negative influences hindering your efforts.