Brain Dumps Forbidden During PMP Exam Tutorial

A decision has been made by Prometric and the Project Management Institute(PMI) which is effective immediately. This revolves around changes relating to the examination format of all PMI certifications. What it all comes down to is that you are no longer permitted to take any notes during the 15-minute time of the tutorial. Following is the current PMI policy relating to this matter. It will be enforced at Prometric testing centers.

  • Candidates present for testing can only start to make use of their note boards or scratch paper after the exam has officially started.
  • Under no circumstances will candidates be allowed to do a brain dump during the 15-minute tutorial period or before that time.
  • Furthermore, candidates should take note that all note boards or scratch paper will be collected when the testing session terminates.

What exactly is the policy regarding brain dumps?

  • A careful review of the policy will reveal that the use of a brain dump is still allowed.
  • However, it can no longer be used or written down during the 15-minute tutorial.
  • You can only make use of brain dumps after the exam has officially started.
  • As long as you are inside the time allotted for that exam you are within your rights when you write down your brain dump.
  • Candidates must take into account that spending time on your brain dump after the exam has started can waste a lot of time which will be better spent in the answering of questions.
  • The important issue, therefore, is to plan carefully. If there is a reason to believe that you might struggle to complete the exam in time, then obviously spending unnecessary time on a brain dump will not be a wise decision.
  • The positive impact of brain dumps is that it is often able to boost confidence because it provides proof of how effective your studies have been.
  • That brain dump can provide a candidate with a solid reference point to which they can return as much as needed during the exam.
  • Many students complain that they strike a blank and basically forget everything which they have learned when writing their exams.
  • Therefore, doing your brain dump before you start with the actual exam and before the pressure is on can be beneficial.

Be Innovative

An innovative candidate recently did the exam this way:

  • When entering the examination room, he knew he could not do a brain dump.
  • He improvised by spending five minutes to go through the tutorial.
  • As soon as the exam started he immediately did his brain dump.
  • His strategy was to use 10 minutes of the exam time for his brain dump.
  • Thereafter he only had to work slightly faster in order to complete the exam in time.

Looking at brain dumps realistically

  • A brain dump will not necessarily improve your exam outcomes.
  • Many people see it as nothing more than a crutch which is often used by people who do not prepare properly for the exam.
  • It will be your understanding of the material which will be important.
  • Therefore, the preparation before the exam will be the qualifying factor and not so much the brain dump.
  • The brain dump is only going to cost you additional time which can be better spend answering exam questions.