Changes to the PMP Exam December 2019

On 16 December 2019 the PMP Exam is Changing (again)

It has been announced by PMI which is the Project Management Institute that some changes are been made to the PMP that is the Project Management Professional exam and this will be taking place in December 2019. In this regard we want to take the time to explain what the implication will be for those who are currently studying for their PMP exams. People are encouraged to take the exam as soon as possible.

A lot more information regarding the latest developments is available directly from PMI and all interested parties are encouraged to visit the webpage at:

Additional information is also available on the PMP Discussion Forum where answers to most of the frequently asked questions is available. The information on this page is frequently updated especially when changes is made to existing formats. And this is exactly why students are encouraged to visit this page frequently to ensure that they are in possession of all the latest information relating to changes which has been made recently.

What is the reasons for the changes to the PMP exam format?

There have been subtle changes to the responsibilities of project managers and this has made it necessary to adapt the exam in order to ensure that it remains accurate and representative of what is happening in the industry. It is exactly because of these fluctuations that PMI is in the habit of conducting research every 3 to 5 years in order to determine how much had changed within the industry. Several important factors are considered such as the impact of emerging trends and PMI also looks at exactly how the responsibilities of modern project managers have changed. The same process has taken place in 2015 and the research which was conducted then has resulted in the current format which will be in use until December 2019.

Many of the leading organizations around the world is working very closely with PMI to determine what PMP should look like in order to remain optimally effective for the next couple of years. After extensive research a new publication will be made available and this new outline will eventually result in an updated PMP exam.

When exactly can the new changes be expected?

For all students currently involved in the program they should pay attention to three very important dates of which the first is June 2019 which is when PMI will release the new PMP exam content outline. Another important date is 15 December 2019 which will be the last day on which students can take the current version of the PMP exam. On 16 December 2019 the new version of the PMP exam will become available.

What kinds of changes can be expected?

June 2019 is the date on which the PMP exam content outline is going to change. This will eventually result in a change to the PMP exam which will be released in December 2019. Unfortunately, the exact changes which is going to be made to the exam format will only become public knowledge after the new outline has been published. There are many people who are under the impression that the PMP exam is based on a guide to the Project management body of knowledge Guide also known as PMBOK. In actual fact the exam is based on the PMP exam content outline. Such a new outline has been developed and the results has been published in June 2019. From now on this new outline will be used as a blueprint to make changes to the exam.

What people can expect is that PMI will publish the new exam content outline in June 2019. That content will include additional responsibilities which is shared by project managers as well as the new techniques which is currently in use. It can also be expected that some agile project management techniques will also be included in the new guide. Whenever changes are made to existing formats some content is often removed or they are no longer considered to be vital or critical. This can apply to techniques or responsibilities. One such element is procurement and contracting which is something which is very often handled by internal procurement or legal departments. This is why it can be expected that PMI will update the current question bank for the PMP exam by updating, removing and adding certain questions. The new format will become effective on 16 December 2019. The last update has occurred in 2015 when it was determined that approximately 25% of the exam questions was outdated which is why updates was necessary.

How is this affecting the PMBOK Guide

The current PMBOK Guide will not be affected in any way. The PMP exam uses the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition as one of the references for the PMP exam. A new edition of the PMBOK Guide will only be available in 2023. Until then the current PMBOK Guide will continue to be used as an exam reference. And this is why all students should continue to use the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition even if they are going to take the exam after 16 December 2019.

What is the implications for current students?

It would be best to take the exam before the changes is implemented on 16 December 2019. In fact, for all of those students who are planning to take the exam before or on 15 December 2019 they should not change anything when studying. They should continue to use the current PMP exam content outline which has been used since 2015. This continues to be the best guide available for the exam. Students should also continue to use the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition. It will be best to make an appointment for your exam before or on 15 November 2019 because it is expected that the majority of students will take the exam in December shortly before the changes is implemented. An additional advantage when taking the exam in November is that it can provide students with a second opportunity to take the exam again if they are not successful the first time.

The PMP exam after 16 December 2019

Students wanting to make use of this option should download and read the new exam content outline. This will provide them with an overview of the general information which can be expected during the exam. It is also advisable that students will contact their training provider in order to determine whether a comparison has been performed between the old and new exam content outlines. Students should inquire whether there will be an update of current training materials. It will be important to inquire when and how students will be given access to any additional training materials which may be provided. When such materials become available they should be used in order to study more effectively. However, students should continue to use the PMBOK Guide Sixth Edition even if the exam has been scheduled after 16 December 2019.

Should students take the exam now or wait till 16 December 2019?

Students are advised to take the PMP exam before 16 December 2019. It should be remembered that in order to adequately prepare for the exam will take between eight and 12 weeks. In other words, students still have more than enough time to prepare adequately. However, procrastination will result in a situation where it will become very difficult to complete the exam before 16 December 2019.

What should students do if they want to pass before 16 December 2019?

There are several things which can be done but how you will proceed will be determined by your individual studying technique. This is why it might be necessary to adjust your approach so that it is more compatible with your study model. Once you’ve decided upon a particular study plan it is important to stick to it. It is especially important to take as many practice exams as possible by making use of the simulator. It is also important to analyze incorrectly answered question and to review them in detail. It is important to make an appointment and to pass your exam preferably one month before 15 December 2019. Therefore, if you currently find yourself in a position where you are certain that you are meeting their PMP exam elibility requirements then it is advisable to get certified now before the changes is implemented. It can really help a student when they are making use of the PMP exam simulator and also the Videos. These tools have been used by more than 50,000 students with great success.

Will there be any updates to the current Videos?

Most likely there would be as soon as PMI has published the new exam content outline. At this time, we will perform a comparison between the old and the new outline and will then continue to decide on the most likely content updates. Nevertheless, should any updates become necessary then all of that information will be provided to all students completely free of charge.

What about PMP exam simulator updates?

These also is certainly under consideration. Once again as soon as the new exam content outline is published by PMI the old and the new outlines will be compared and based on those results some of the content may be updated. All of these updates will be made available to all students free of charge.

Will there also be updates to the PMP formula study Guide?

At this point it is not expected that there will be any updates to this formula. This is based on the experiences in 2010 and 2015 where absolutely no changes were necessary. However, there is a slight chance that this might change once the new exam content outline has been published by PMI. At this point a complete comparison will be made between the old and new outlines in order to determine whether any updates are required.