Technical Support

  • Do you provide Technical Support if I have any trouble with your PMP Packages?

    Absolutely. Our Tech Support team will help you resolve any issues related to our training packages.

  • How long does your support continue?

    Indefinitely, until you pass the PMP Exam.

  • What email should I use for asking for technical support?

    Please use our contact form and support staff will address your request.

  • Do you address technical support during week-ends?

    Sometimes, depending on the type of support needed.

  • Do I need any special software to use your trainings?

    No, we provide step by step instructions on how to set up your training.

  • Will your trainings work on a MAC?

    Yes, many of our students are MAC users.

  • Do you provide instructions on how to download the videos?

    Yes, detailed instructions will be provided.