Check Our PMP® Prep Process Flow Diagram

A Process Flow Diagram (PFD) is a diagram commonly used in process engineering to indicate the general flow of plant processes and equipment. As a visual tool, here’s a PFD displaying the main elements of our training program and the relationship between them. Hover your mouse above the Red Plus Signs to get more information about each element.


Read the PMI Handbook

The PMI Handbook is the first document that you should read to learn the most up-to-date information about the PMP Certification requirements.

PMP Prep Gantt Chart

As part of our training packages receive a PMP Prep Gantt chart in MS Project and Excel formats to help create a typical project schedule for your Study Plan.

PMP Checklist

At any step of your study plan our PMP Checklist will keep your study plan on track and will ensure that you are ready to pass to the next step.

PMI Application

We will let you know when to start your PMI Application. We will also provide a PM Experience Calculator spreadsheet to help with the Experience section of your application.

Chapter Tests

After you finish the videos for a given chapter of the PMBOK Guide you will have access to some Chapter Tests to ensure that you understood the topics before moving to the next chapter.

PMP Coaching

As part of our Diamond training package you get 3 hours of PMP Coaching by Phone or Skype. Plan up to six 30-min calls at regular intervals with your coach.

Video Trainings

Watch our video-based trainings to master the knowledge, tools and techniques that are not taught in regular project management classes but which you’d better know if you want to pass the PMP® exam.

Email Course

This 10-part email course will introduce you to our PMP Exam Experts, all former students who talk about their PMP Exam experience. You will see how they structured their studies and what techniques helped them pass the exam.

PMP Formulas

Our Platinum and Diamond training packages include three additional PDF documents: The PMP Formula Guide, The PMP Formula Pocket Guide, and The 105 Sample PMP Formula-Based Questions.

PMP Checklist & Forum

Use our PMP Checklist to stay on track, and our PMP Forum to clarify any issues. Ask a question and either our experts or your fellow students will help you.

PMP Exam Simulator

Get access to 8 complete exam simulations. This PMP Exam Simulator will give you the most realistic and up-to-date sample questions on the market.

Review Between Exams

The review after each exam simulation is as important as the exam itself. Make a list of your weak points and go back to your video trainings for a better understanding of the concepts.

Repeat As Necessary

Continue with the exam simulations until you score at least 75% on two consecutive exams. Once you do, schedule your exam within 10 days... you are Ready to Go!

Exam Simulations

Try our exam simulations at your desktop in a quiet place. Try to create an environment that is as close as possible to the real exam. Set aside 4h for each exam, plus the time to review your answers.

35H Certificate

All our training packages provide a 35 Contact Hour Certificate in project management. This certificate is required for completing your PMI Application.

Congratulations !

Once you pass the PMP Certification Exam the PMI Code of Ethics applies to you as a Project Management Professional (PMP). Exercise Responsibility and take ownership of your decisions; show Respect to the resources entrusted to you; apply Fairness, and act impartially and objectively; and finally, employ Honesty in both your communication and conduct.