There is no need to Fail the PMP Exam

There are many first-time disappointments

There is a substantial amount of people who are failing the PMP exam on their first attempt. Therefore, when this happens it is not something which should be considered as unusual. Not so long ago the exam required approximately 7 hours to complete. That is now been reduced to four hours which is making the process somewhat easier for students. To understand the process better, PMI is making use of a system which is determining the degree of difficulty of each individual question. There will also be a portion of the exam which is not actually included in your grade (25 questions). This is simply used in order to determine whether those questions should be included as a graded question. It is also included to determine how difficult the question is in the perception of the student. Therefore, it can happen that a question which seemed unusual or even dumb may not have been part of the graded section of the exam. Therefore, whether you get it right or wrong is irrelevant because it will not count against you.


Preparation is important

The majority of the real questions included in the PMP examination can be very tricky. Students might be required to obtain a passing score of 65%. It will be best when students aim for a score of 80% or more when practicing for the exam. This might give them a reasonable chance of succeeding the first time around. There are several things to remember such as the importance of reading the PMBOK guide several times before taking the exam. You will only be ready for the exam if you are able to score 80% consistently when practicing. You should also pay attention to the difficulty of those questions and how much trouble they are causing you. For those students who have invested in a preparation course, was that provided by a PMI registered education provider? This is extremely important as far as first-time success rates are concerned. REP’s has an obligation to ensure that their materials are compatible with the PMBOK guide because the exam is based on this guide. When you locate a correct answer what was your response? Don’t forget that it’s possible that all four answers can be correct. Nevertheless, there is always a reason why only one is deemed to be correct. It may be because it’s the most logical solution or the first thing which everyone will try.

Good to Know

There are many things which students can do when they have to repeat the examination. During the practice exam, it is not sufficient to perform well in certain sections while struggling in one other. This could lead to failure. It is very important to focus on those areas which are causing you problems. It is important to use a practice exam which will indicate the areas where you are having problems. Every couple of years the exam changes and there are many people who will rush through the preparation exams so that they can take the exam before changes are made. For many people, this has not been working out very well and this is why this strategy should only be used when people have sufficient time to prepare for the exam.